2014 National Print Awards
NPA Inspried by Paper

“Touch it. Hold it. Unfold it.
Run your fingertips over the smooth surface,
the soft indentations, the crisp edges.
Immerse yourself in the images,
bask in the brilliance, lose yourself in the words.
See the world on a page,
hold its stories in your hands.
This is our craft; this is what we strive for.
This is paper. This is print.

Enter the 2016 Media Super National Print Awards!

Since its invention two thousand years ago, paper has launched a thousand ideas, inspired countless communications and transformed the world by putting the power of print into the hands of the people.

From a rare and precious element of religious and ceremonial life, paper quickly became the fundamental global medium, unsurpassed for its tactile and communicative qualities.
It is paper which laid the foundations for the craft of printing and the communications revolution it drove, quite literally transforming the world and creating today’s global community.
Imaged and coloured, folded and creased, embossed and embellished, it  brings a world of beauty, brilliance, tactile elegance and sheer practicality to our lives in a way that no material has before or since.

Today, what began on paper is continued on a vast array of substrates, across a multitude of applications and connecting to a wealth of new and powerful media, to deliver some of the most creative, innovative and exciting print the world has ever seen.
Frankly, it’s inspiring.

This year, we are celebrating the achievement of excellence in the multi-faceted world of print that was ‘Inspired by Paper’ – and we need your most inspiring examples of the very best printed work you’ve produced over the past year.

As a print professional – creative, designer, marketer, packager, print buyer or print service provider – you’re invited to enter your work in the 2016 Media Super National Print Awards for the chance to win gold and inspire your clients, your colleagues and your peers.

Friday 29 January 2016 – Entries close
Friday 13 May 2016 – RSVPs for Awards Presentation Dinner Close
Friday 20 May 2016 – Awards Presentation Dinner